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Dana 'Herbissimo Mountain Juniper' Cologne Refresher 3oz/90ml


Dana 'Herbissimo Mountain Juniper' Cologne Refresher 3Oz/90Ml
Herbissimo Mountain Juniper Cologne by Dana, An interplay of fruity and foliage scents with a hint of earthy nuance � herbissimo mountain juniper is an intensely cooling masculine fragrance by dana. The clean, stimulating freshness of juniper berries yield an intense aromatic mist that is both striking and soothing. Launched in 1980, this cologne arrives in a fascinating green bottle housed in a herbissimo box with a forest-like design on its fa�ade. With its excellent longevity and projection,�experience a splash of the mountains through this invigorating mist by dana. filled with the rich and exquisite essences of citrus and herbs, herbissimo mountain juniper opens with the refreshing delight of lemon, mandarin orange, and bergamot. These notes incite a vibrant, uplifting aura that leaves an effervescent quality to its top. The heart possesses the aromatic bouquet of juniper, lavender, and african geranium. The juniper is a type of coniferous plant that is both luscious and spicy. It is well mixed with the rosy and lemony nuance of african geranium, inducing a strong, appetizing blend. The lavender, on the other hand, conjures a clean, medicinal note with a touch of cool and minty composition. It eventually dries down warm and earthy through the sensual and woody scents of musk, cedar wood, and oak moss. The house of dana is a well-known perfume brand in the world of fragrances. Established in 1932, it was founded by javier serra, one of the most talented and prolific pioneers in the beauty industry. Serra was a former executive of myrurgia, a spanish perfume house. He started his own fragrance company in spain and moved it shortly to paris. The name dana was derived from the greek mythological character, danae, the mother of perseus. Danae was recognized in the greek myth as a symbol of femininity and beauty. Their logo features a silhouette of a beautiful woman�s head, designed by the spanish artist mariano andreu. The company launched their first fragrance �tabu� during the 1930s. Tabu is an oriental perfume for women developed by perfumer, jean carles. Through the years, the fragrance served as one of their classics, becoming a perennial best-seller. Dana also introduced men�s scents, including canoe and english leather for men, and ambush for women. Through the years, their inimitable scents were reformulated. From prestige fragrances, they came up with modern-classic ones that will definitely appeal to the mass market. Dana acquired some licenses for several perfume houses such as chantilly, love�s baby soft, and toujours moi
  • Item may have some scratch marks or minor cosmetic damages.
  • Item Is Unboxed
  • Original Formula

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