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Authorize.Net is committed to safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. Authorize.Net dedicates significant resources toward a strong infrastructure, and adheres to both strict internal security policies and industry security initiatives. With Authorize.Net, you can be confident that data is secure. utilize industry-leading technologies and protocols, such as 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and compliant with a number of government and industry security initiatives.

Double click on the " Secured" icon below or in the footer and you'll see the validity of our site SSL security. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) EauDeLuxe SSL certificates support both industry-standard 128-bit which is used by banks to safeguard sensitive data and high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to protect online transactions. The actual encryption strength on a secure connection is determined by the user’s browser and the server that the website resides on. Encryption strength is measured in key length or the number of bits in the key. To decipher an SSL communication, one would need to generate the correct decoding key. 128-bit and 256-bit keys involve 2,128 and 2,256 possible combinations respectively, rendering the encrypted data virtually impossible to crack by an unauthorized party.


We accept payment via Paypal for all online orders. If you choose the Paypal option when completing your order, you will be transferred to an SSL-encrypted Paypal server, where you can complete the purchase and enter payment details.

We will be notified by Paypal as soon as the payment has been successfully completed. Payment via Paypal is effected immediately and we receive a message from Paypal as soon as the funds have been paid into our account.

Please note that all customers using the Paypal option must have a valid Paypal account. Customers who do not already have a valid Paypal account can create one free of charge during the checkout process.

We accept payment via Paypal in any of the three currencies that we trade in:

GBP (for all customers located in the UK)
USD (for customers in the US or Canada)
EURO (for customers in all other countries)