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Keiko Mecheri 'Les Zazous' Eau De Parfum 2.5oz/75ml New In Box

Keiko Mecheri

$145.00 $49.99
Keiko Mecheri 'Les Zazous' Eau De Parfum 2.5Oz/75Ml New In Box
Les Zazous were the rebellious party boys of their day – nattily dressed in oversized plaid, listening to swing jazz and bebop, wearing their hair long and making their way about town with a feisty attitude and a syncopated step. Keiko Mecheri has taken inspiration from these dandies and the tumultuous mix of influences in post World War II Algiers and created a fragrance to suit the jaunty rebel in all of us. Leading with the trumpet blast of bright, peppery lavender, Les Zazous leads us into a jazzy mix of honeyed wood, incense and soothing balms. This has the mesmerizing scent of the marketplace – rich spices and deep incense, hints of sweet tobacco, dried flowers and sharp herbs, luxurious oils and balms, something warm and rich and soothing brewing in a kettle. With so much going on, it could smell chaotic, but it doesn't. It smells rich and exotic and exciting. It smells like endless possibilities and invitations to forbidden places. The perfect thing for the dashing young man of any decade.
  • Notes Rose, lavender, sandalwood, balmy notes, vetiver, ambergris, mahogany honey wax, iris, blonde tobacco, incense and vanilla

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