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Kat Burki Endless Summer Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4Oz/100ml New In Box

Kat Burki


Highlights and Benefits

  • Bergamot adds a striking zest and produces a calm feeling with a nice touch.
  • Assorted citruses are included to produce a sweet tone at the start.
  • Wood notes at the base include firm tones that keep the scent working for hours. Sandalwood and amber are among the best notes.


Endless Summer is a refreshing fragrance from Kat Burki for women. The Endless Summer Perfume was introduced in 2015. The fragrance is a comfortable model with a mix of citrus and woody tones. A series of citruses are included alongside grapefruit and bergamot to produce a firm body.

Floral tones like rose and jasmine are found in the middle part. The camphor adds a spicy surface on the base. The addition of sandalwood and amber produce a woody feeling while maintaining a consistent spice throughout the body of the fragrance.

Expect a zesty feeling when enjoying this fragrance. The Endless Summer PerfumeΒ  focuses mainly on the citrus notes at the top. A few green leaves are also added in the front to produce a strong style that adds a comfortable tone without being hard to carry.

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before using, align it towards your body and spray it from 3-6 inches away. For safety, purpose avoid contact with eyes and do not apply on inflamed skin. Use it daily to stay fresh and aromatic.

Kat Burki Endless Summer Eau De Parfum Specifications & Features

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes Bergamot, grapefruit, citruses, green leaves
Middle Notes Jasmine, rose, lavender, lily, eucalyptus, cyclamen
Base Notes Camphor, amber, sandalwood, powdery notes, cedar needles, Palisander rosewood
Accords Citrus, woody, fresh spicy, powdery, white floral, camphor
Weight 3.4 oz
UPC 846288003681
Fragrance Family Aromatic
Product Format Eau de parfum
Fragrance Type Citrus
Suitable for (Gender) Unisex
Recommended Use Useful throughout the spring and summer seasons.


Q.What types of citruses are used on the top part of the fragrance?

A.The citruses like lemon and orange are on the top notes. These are not as prominent as the bergamot scent.

Q.Does the citrus feel bitter?

A.A slightly bitter tone is included in the citrus notes to produce a firm sensation.

Q.Does the texture of the fragrance offer a silky tone?

A. The slightly silky feeling of the fragrance adds a nice coating.

Q.How well is the sillage in Endless Summer Perfume?

A.The fragrance carries for a few feet away from the body.

Q.How long can the fragrance work for?

AThe fragrance works for two to six hours, although the fragrance may last longer if you have applied it to the place which is not covered with clothes.

Q.Is the fragrance works well when used along with other fragrances?.

A.A fresh or watery fragrance may be added alongside Endless Summer.

Q.Can you wear Endless Summer in the winter?

A.The fragrance citrus scent might be too out of place during the winter season. Try wearing this during the warmer times of the year.


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