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Estee Lauder Private Collection Cinnabar Parfum 1.0Oz/30ml New In Box

Estee Lauder


Highlights and Benefits

  • The intriguing scent of the Cinnabar Perfume makes it different from what people expect. It adds a sense of mystery and curiosity for people to enjoy.
  • The warm feeling of the Estee Lauder Cinnabar fragrance produces a lively feeling for a woman to wear.
  • A noticeable cinnamon scent can be found here, although the added spices create a more detailed texture that adds a dense style for one’s use.


Cinnabar is one of the oldest fragrances that Estee Lauder has introduced. Cinnabar Perfume was made in 1978 by Bernard Chant as a fragrance that adds a remarkable and unique style.

Estee Lauder insisted Chant to produce a scent that has an oriental style. Chant then produced this Eastern-inspired which brings an exotic feel with its spicy notes.

How To Use

The fragrance works best during the daytime hours. For better results apply twice a day. Always apply the scent on pressure points for long lasting aroma.

Estee Lauder Cinnabar Parfum Specifications & Features:

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes Jasmine, orange flower, spices, cinnamon, tangerine
Middle Notes Clove, muguet, lily
Base Notes Olibanum, sandalwood, patchouli
Accords Oriental
Weight 1 oz/30 mL
UPC 027131618584
Fragrance Family Oriental Spicy
Product Format Parfum
Fragrance Type Spicy Oriental
Suitable for (Gender) Female
Recommended Use Fall and winter use


Q. What is the intense of cinnamon in this scent?

A.The cinnamon aroma in this fragrance is noticeable, although the general spices included on this perfume are a little more noticeable in general.

Q. How well do the floral accents in cinnabar perfume stand out?

A.The floral features on this fragrance come about not long after the original spicy features are noticed. The accents add a comfortable texture and are still easy to apply and use on the skin.

Q. Does the fragrance feel hot when used?

A.The fragrance is not overly tough on the skin, although it does help to watch for how well the fragrance is applied when being used right. Estee Lauder Cinnabar Perfume adds a gentle tone to the skin if used right.

Q. How does the alcohol in the fragrance feel?

A. The alcohol used as a base for the fragrance does not add an overly pervasive feeling to it, thus making for a calm material to wear in many situations. The surface should not be too hard on the skin, although it helps to keep it away from facial features if possible.

Q. Is the spray bottle easy to use?

A. Estee Lauder Cinnabar spray bottle is very responsive and does not require much shaking for this to produce a good mix that spreads evenly. But it does help to watch for how well the texture is laid out.


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