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Dana Ambush Cologne Concentrated Spray 1.0Oz/28g In Box (Vintage)



Highlights and Benefits

  • Heliotrope produces a predominantly vanilla scent.
  • Bergamot is added to produce a sweet feeling. This tone appears at the top.
  • A spicy texture can be felt around some parts of the scent, particularly around the base notes.


Ambush Perfume is one of the oldest cologne products made by Dana. The product was introduced in 1997 and is a rare option for women.

Influenced by an older cologne that was designed by iconic perfumer Jean Carles, Ambush mixes the light texture of lavender with heliotrope to balance out the full layout. Some citrus notes are included on the top part to produce a gentle feeling with a sweet style.

The fragrance has been discontinued by Dana and was last sold in the 2000s. Bottles of Ambush can still be found in the market today. Be advised that the vintage Dana Ambush is not related to the older Ambush fragrance of the same name that was introduced in the 1950s and was also discontinued.

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before using, align it towards your body and spray it from 3-6 inches away. For safety, purpose avoid contact with eyes and do not apply on inflamed skin. Use it daily to stay fresh and aromatic.

Dana Ambush Cologne Specifications & Features

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes Kiwi, lavender, papaya, sage, bergamot, lemon
Middle Notes Passionfruit, carnation, rose, geranium
Base Notes Sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, heliotrope, praline
Accords Aromatic, Sweet, Floral, Tropical, Fresh Spicy.
Weight 1.0 oz
UPC 046447524747
Fragrance Family Oriental Woody
Product Format Cologne
Fragrance Type Floral
Suitable for (Gender) Female
Recommended Use For daytime use


Q.Is the lavender note strongest among all other notes?

A. The vanilla-like scent of heliotrope is the most prominent one found in Ambush, the lavender note can be felt not too far after that one.

Q. How strong are the base notes on Ambush Perfume?

A. The sandalwood note adds a great tone, although the heliotrope scent is the strongest one to find. A slight praline effect can also be noticed.

Q. What does the praline scent feel like?

A. The praline scent produces a nutty texture, although this is not as strong as other base notes.

Q. Is the scent still effective even after being sealed in that bottle all the time?

A. Ambush will remain comfortable and effective. You might see some dents on the box that the bottle comes in, but the content inside the bottle will not damage.

Q. How long does the Ambush by Dana scent last after you apply it?

A. Since this is a cologne, the scent will last longer than most others. You can feel this for about six to eight hours after you apply.

Q. Does it cut through clothing?

A. The scent is strong enough to be noticed anywhere, but it is best to apply this to skin that is not being covered by clothes.


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