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Anne Klein 'Anne Klein' Parfum 0.25oz/7.5ml Splash In Box (VINTAGE)

Anne Klein


Highlights and Benefits

  • The fruity notes include some citrus, although they are not as prevalent as the floral notes.
  • The Anne Klein Cologne offers a strong texture where only a small amount of the fragrance is needed. The user does not have to apply all 0.25 ounces of this splash at once.
  • The tone of this fragrance produces a generally airy style.


The Anne Klein fashion company introduced this parfum in 1984. Anne Klein Perfume was designed with strong floral notes. While there are some wood tones at the end and a slight bergamot influence in the middle, the fragrance is noted more for its extended assortment of floral notes. Nearly ten different floral notes are included, with tuberose and gardenia being the strongest ones. But some fruity notes are also added to create a bit of freshness.

A slight civet scent may be noticed at the end to create a strong and animalistic feeling. The scent allows the fragrance to last for hours at a time.

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before using, align it towards your body and spray it from 3-6 inches away. For safety, purpose avoid contact with eyes and do not apply on inflamed skin. Use it daily to stay fresh and aromatic.

Anne Klein Perfume Specifications & Features

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes Neroli, Hyacinth, Aldehydes, galbanum, bergamot, neroli, cassis
Middle Notes Jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, orchid, fruity notes.
Base Notes Sandalwood, vetiver, musk, Civetta, benzoin, amber, vanilla
Accords White floral, green, woody, aromatic, floral, musky
Weight 0.25 oz
UPC 72306920703
Fragrance Family Floral Aldehyde
Product Format Parfum
Fragrance Type Floral
Suitable for (Gender) Women
Recommended Use For daytime use, especially in the winter.


Q. What does the civet note entail?

A.The civet note produces a scent similar to what is found on the tropical animal of the same name. The note produces a generally relaxing tone that adds a firm body to the fragrance.

Q. If this is a parfum, does this mean that the fragrance will last for a while?

A. The Anne Klein Perfume will last for eight hours or more depending on how well it is used. The parfum design ensures that there is a greater concentration of fragrance inside the product, thus producing a comfortable tone that the user will enjoy wearing anywhere.

Q. Which of the floral notes is the most prominent?

A. Gardenia and tuberose have been promoted as the two most prominent notes. The galbanum and jasmine notes are also easy to feel, although the aldehydes included are a little more powerful.

Q. What are featured in the fruity notes?

A. The fruity notes focus mainly on non-citrus fruits. You may notice a slight grape influence.


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